The Graceful Pastor

For Officers and Pastors

Over the years I've accumulated lots of resources for ministry that may be of use to other pastors (Presbyterian and otherwise), elders, deacons and other church leaders. 

Administrative Helps - I am certified by the Presbyterian Church, USA, as a Church Business Administrator.  At this link you will find an assortment of administrative helps, including matters related to personnel management in a church, steps toward a better meeting, and parliamentary aids.

Children's Devotionals - Need ideas for Children's sermons or devotionals for worship service?

Conflict Management
- Here are some ideas for managing conflict in a healthy manner.

Pastoral Care Helps
- From handling violence on the news to telling children about death.

Recreation Resources
- I like to have fun!  Who doesn't?  Here are resources for games and activities for every age group.  You can use these at camp, but also with Seniors in the fellowship hall at social events.

Stewardship Resources - Does your Stewardship Committee need fresh ideas?  Here's a place to find some food for thought.

Worship Leader's Guidebook
- Prayers for every worship leader.

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